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 Animal tales can greatly increase child's willingness and motivation to read a text. At the same time, they are adorable and fun, that's why children do not feel educated about the lessons they have.

While reading, we experience wonderful things in our heads: we feel the tastes together, we fight the evil together, we rejoice together with the characters. Our minds project the experience in front of us as if we were experiencing it in reality.
The best animal tales don't just entertain kids. Kids who read more of these stories have a much better understanding of other people and other worldviews as they give them the opportunity to learn from things that have never happened to them. They allow them to experience things outside of their daily lives, including some difficult emotions and thoughts. They also show how relationships work and how to accept differences between people.
The stories act as a kind of "vaccination" against the emotional effects of life.
Animal tales create the strangest and safest world where kids can learn the hardest lessons as part of an exciting animal adventure.

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